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10 Things To Take With You For A Healthier Vacation

“The journey not the arrival matters.” ~S. Eliot

There are many types of travel. There is the type of travel where your goal is to drink as much as possible. There are trips when the goal is spend time with family, although you may not be all that enthused about the prospect. These are the types of trips where you have no idea where the road may take you.

Wherever your travels may lead, you are the one in control of what sort of shenanigans go on during that journey. Although by hopping out of bed there is always a possibility to encounter a surprise, ultimately it up to you to determine what sort of experience you’ll gain from the day whether you are travelling or going about your day to day business.

If you are pursuing life with the goal of living a healthier and happier lifestyle then there is no reason to take a vacation from that goal. Rather, you’ll just need to learn to pack what you need in order to continue this goal away from home.

  • A Healthy Attitude

A big part of what will make or break your goal to remain healthy during travels is your attitude. Going forward with the willingness to go the extra mile for healthier options and knowing it is possible to do so is half of the battle.

  • A Budget

We all know that living a healthier lifestyle at home and abroad costs money. It is important to keep that in mind during travels. Try not to splurge too much on unnecessary and counterproductive purchases. Plan out in your mind the amount of money you want to spend on food, entertainment and souvenirs, then stick to that budget.

  • A Meal Plan

It is really easy to break your diet when you are travelling. In order to stick with a diet it requires a little bit of planning. Research healthier options in the area where you are traveling. Consider whether your lodging gives you the option to store healthy snacks from the grocery store or not. Have it in your mind to try to choose the healthier options on menus that’ll leave you feeling well-nourished rather than bloated and tired. Making these considerations beforehand allow you to plan accordingly.

  • Jump Rope

A jump rope is a cardio workout you can take with you wherever you go. It is small and compact, and it can be a lot of fun! This way even if you don’t feel like hitting the hotel gym, running or getting your cardio in, you could at least spend a little time jump roping to get that heart rate going.

  • Yoga Mat

Yoga is a nice and relaxing way to stretch out during travel. It is a great way to de-stress while also getting a full body workout. You can take your yoga mat on a beach, in the woods or any scenic place you choose.

  • Walking/Running Shoes

Make sure that you have the right footwear to enjoy being active if you want to. Hiking boots, running shoes, walking shoes or whatever footwear you may need to get you where you’re going. Even if you don’t anticipate having a chance to run or walk, just having the gear on hand will allow you to take advantage if the opportunity arises.

  • Positive Reading

There is tons and tons of resources out there to help enhance your mood wherever you may go. Whether you want to read something as long as a book or as short as a couple of quotes, finding the time to read something positive will uplift your mood as you travel.

  • Healthy Plans

Often when we go into a trip, we may not have specific plans. It can be fun to go with the flow of the moments, but this often may lead to unhealthy and unproductive decisions. Alternatively, you may want to consider sitting down and planning how to make your vacation a more healthy experience. This doesn’t mean you need to plan out specifically each and every single day.

Choose a Good Location

There are some locations that lend to healthier travel experiences than others. For example, chances are if you visit Las Vegas, you aren’t going there to cleanse your body and mind. If you want to have a healthy vacation, try to choose somewhere that encourages healthier living and fitness, like Portland, Oregon, as an example. This way once you arrive at your destination, you’ll be inspired to immerse yourself into activities that will feed your mind, body and soul.

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