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July 27, 2015 Comments Off on 5 Health Myths People Won’t Stop Believing No Matter What We Say Views: 126 Featured

5 Health Myths People Won’t Stop Believing No Matter What We Say

The thing about the world of nutrition and health is that it is a science. Like all sciences, the field is constantly evolving, and what is true today, may seem silly tomorrow. That means sometimes nutritionists and doctors just get thing flat our wrong.

Unlike other sciences, how to maintain a healthy lifestyle is often heavily marketed by industries often promising life changes results. When the science comes out that these commonly known “facts” about health work actually a bunch of hooey, it takes a while for everyone to catch up. In fact, it seems like for some people these “facts” will not change no matter what the experts have to say about the matter.

The human body is a complicated thing. We do not know nearly everything yet. As one National Geographic writer so eloquently put it in an article title that there is a “bacterial zoo in your bowel”. In this article the writer pointed out the fact:

“You are outnumbered by a factor of 10 to one, by forces you cannot see. Your body has around ten trillion cells, but it’s also home to a hundred trillion bacteria. For every gene in your genome, there are 100 bacterial ones. Most of these are found the dark, dank environment of your bowel but their incredible diversity is being brought to the surface. Say hello to the gut metagenome.”

This may begin to give you an idea of why it is so difficult for us to figure out what is “good for you” or “bad for you”. One way to start learning what is good for you is separating fact from fiction, so here are 5 health myths people REALLY need stop believing.

  • Eating *fill in the blank* makes you fat

Fat and carbs are the big one we always seem to be hearing about. Whether it is Paleo or South Beach Diet, these fads are dangerous. It isn’t that all fats and all carbs are good for you. The problem is that many fats and carbs are imperative. What gets mixed up here is often people compare almonds to French fries or a pear to a donut. Both contain fat or carbs respectively, but obviously pears and almonds offer health benefits French fries and donuts do not. Just use a little common sense, balance and moderation when approaching your diet to achieve optimal results.

  • We 100% conclusively know *fill in the blank* about health and nutrition

Whenever someone swears they’ve found the dieting or exercise secret to undo all other methods, you shouldn’t take them seriously. Even the most well-versed scientists in health and/or nutrition do not know everything yet. As we pointed out at the beginning of the article the human body is extremely complicated, and that is before you even begin to account for genetic, environmental and other differences. Learn to ignore the hype instead to just seek common sense solutions that seem to work for your body.

  • Spot Training Reduces Fat

Even if you do one million crunches a day, you will not lose fat in your belly. We’re not sure who invented the whole spot training method to exercise, but it doesn’t work. The only way to lose fat is through cardio and aerobic exercise. Spot training just builds muscle in those areas, which mind you is important, but it does not help burn fat to reveal the muscles. Just like your diet, have a balanced approach to exercise that works multiple aspects of your health.

  • Gluten-free food is the best most healthiest food ever

Gluten-free foods are all the rage now. You can’t even look at a food label without seeing gluten-free. This is absurd especially when they mark foods that would never contain gluten in the first place, i.e. salsa. Unless you are allergic to gluten, which a majority of people are not, there is no reason to be on a gluten-free diet. You are depriving yourself of fiber and other nutrients critical to a healthy diet.

  • Organic food is the best most healthiest food ever

Organic food is great for the environment. When you remove pesticides and other harmful chemicals from the process of farming it doesn’t change the nutrients or flavor of a plant. Often organic folks love to say organic foods are healthier and even taste better. This just simply is not true!

What to Take Away

Whenever you hear about the latest fitness craze don’t get caught up in the craziness. Just try to stick to a consistent diet and exercise plan that work for you. Although for some it may seem exciting to some to unlock the ultimate secret to fitness, it often seems these are just people looking for shortcuts. If you are in health for the long haul don’t look for shortcuts, but instead live your life in a healthy and nourishing way.

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