All About You – The Selfish Side to Couple’s Fitness

Let’s face it. You know that couple’s fitness is good for the relationship as a whole. It’s up there with couple’s therapy, plus the added bonus of helping both parties achieve a rocking body. It’s mutually beneficial, yes, but it’s also individually beneficial.

It’s okay to look at couple’s fitness from a selfish point of view too.

Here are some of the ways in which working out with your S.O. may help YOU, personally.

  1. YOU have a partner

It’s generally easier to face the workout world when you have someone by your side. And who better to tag team with you than your other half? Here’s someone who (hopefully) already knows you really well and loves you unconditionally. They know your quirks. They know what makes you tick. They know what helps you and what hinders you. Getting fit poses many challenges, but these challenges seem far less daunting when you have a partner going through them with you. You have someone who knows exactly what you’re facing because they are doing the same thing, at the same time. You have access to an immediate source of encouragement to cheer you on, remind you how awesome you are, and exhort you to push just a little bit farther. You also have someone who can offer feedback on your progress and improvement because they’ve journeyed each step with you. They know where you started, so they can more readily see and reassure you of your successes.

  1. YOU have accountability

Going hand-in-hand with having a partner, working out with your significant other grants you a certain amount of automatic accountability, especially if you already live together. Accountability is often one of the key components to success in many endeavors, including fitness.

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When that morning routine creeps up on you before the first light of the rising sun, it can be rather easy to curse your alarm, turn it off, roll over, and snooze a little longer. That is, unless you roll over and your partner flips the light on and yanks the covers off the end of the bed. You are more likely to cultivate long-term fitness habits when you know you have someone counting on your commitment. You are probably more willing to show up when someone shows up with you. You wouldn’t want to leave him/her hanging all alone. They need you just as much as you need them, and there’s something compelling about being needed.

  1. YOU try new things

Sometimes it’s far less scary to attempt something new when you have someone by your side. There is comfort in companionship, which may make you more willing to do that new thing you’ve been dying to try but were a little too chicken to try by yourself. Usually, you find yourself most comfortable with your significant other, so he/she is the perfect person with whom to experience something new. You get to enjoy the thrill of novelty, excitement, and nerves that comes with doing something for the first time, but you also get to enjoy that feeling together. Here’s your chance to kickbox, rock climb, kayak, or play dodge ball. You name it, now go do it. Go ahead and make fools of yourselves, but take pride in tackling a new challenge and build that self-confidence along the way.

  1. YOU have fun

There’s not much worse than a boring workout, so make it fun. Hopefully one of the reasons you and your S.O. are together is because you enjoy one another’s company and have fun together. Now you have the opportunity to make fitness fun. While running on the treadmill for an hour by yourself can be a great workout and occasionally has its perks, there are also perks to getting a great workout while laughing and making memories with your partner. The exercise routine may still be challenging, but perhaps now it will be more enjoyable as well. Also, if you’re trying that new thing, then there’s probably a greater chance for many laughs along the way. Come on, you know you want to laugh and have fun when you work out.

Enjoy and experience all the benefits that working out together can do for your relationship, but also be selfish about it. Realize that having your S.O. join your fitness plan provides personal benefits for you. You are just as important as the relationship, so remember what training together can do for you.