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Healthy Lifestyle: Night’s Out with the Guy/Gals

The night with your friend’s is a sacred tradition in modern culture. When we zoom into the human species we can find them oddly prowling the town, sniffing around, eating everything and drinking even more than that.

What happens on these nights out, no one discloses. What’s happens in girls’/guys’ nights out, stays there. Often when the humans wake up in the morning, they feel remorse on top of a terrible hang over.

What is wrong with us all?

It is so vital for people to go out to experience a social life. We are social creatures. Yet we insist on filling these times often with the worst behavior possible. Drinking too much. Check! Eating terribly? Sure, it’s a treat! Exercise? We definitely are skipping that for the day and the recovery day tomorrow.

Why not fill this sacred social time with something a little less destructive? If one commits they can not only make these nights healthier for themselves, but they can actually be a good influence on their friends. I know, spreading positivity to people you care about, what a novel idea.

Anyways, it is easy enough to suggest we don’t act like drunken gluttonous buffoons when out with friends, but it is a whole ‘nother thing to put this plan into action.

6 Tips on How to Create a Healthy Night Out with Friends

  • Remove Your Preconceptions

If you out with the attitude you are going to go crazy letting down all boundaries and inhibitions- don’t be surprised when it happens. Instead of creating this attitude of indulgence, try to gently persuade yourself to control yourself. You can laugh, gossip, and catch-up without the aid of excessive food and drink.

  • Ignore Peer Pressure

Often there is a lot of pressure on these nights to keep up. I personally can already hear the echoes of one of my friends saying “come on, a shot never kill anybody” followed with some inappropriate joking about how untrue that statement is in reality. If you’re feeling pressured, don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself or just blow it off. We’re adults! Do your own thing!

  • Savor the Goodies

Rather than eating and drinking as much as fast as possible. Take time to savor each delicacy you indulge in. This will help you better moderate at least the amount of food and drinking you’re partaking in on the big night out. Also, remember to savor every moment you get out with your friends. We’re sure you are too busy to get out often enough! Don’t be afraid for a little bit of a reward just make sure you actually enjoy every single wonderful moment of it!

  • Plan a Healthy Activity

There are more things to in life than going to a bar. I know, I know. This may come as a shock to some of you out there. Try to plan a healthy activity like hiking, going to a class or some other adventure. You’ll be surprised the amount of bonding you can do without drinking. Of course, you can always grab a drink after.

  • Make Sure You Caught Up with Everything Before the Night Out

Sleep, work, chores, shopping and exercise are all things you want to get done before the girl’s night out. Of all of these, getting extra rest when you know you may be out later than usual is always a good idea. It will also give you into extra mischief if you must!

  • Try to Schedule Get Togethers More Often

Often all of the energy we get from these big nights out is due to the fact that people don’t get together often enough. Life is busy. We can always manage to make time for things that really matter to us though. Try to schedule more low-key meetings like just grabbing a coffee, going on a walk, or talking on Skype. This way it won’t have been “forever” since you saw each other last, so you won’t feel as deep an urge to paint the town red.

Keep the Party Going

Although you are trying to live a healthier lifestyle, you can’t withdraw from all of your friends. Unless someone is causing direct harm for you, social relationships help to foster our growth. Learn to make your current bonds stronger and healthier while also pursuing relationships with people who will directly assist in your growth.

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