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Rock Out for Your Health!

Whoever said that everything that is enjoyable is bad for you is a fool. We can name MANY things that are amazing and healthy simultaneously, but we thought we’d start with a pretty universal good-for-you interest: music. Whether it is Top 40 tunes or Beethoven, music is something just about every person on the planet enjoys doing.

Next time you feel like pumping up the jams, remember that you are actually working towards improving your health, and in our opinion, it is mall steps like these that make all the difference when it comes to bettering yourself.

Reasons Music Boosts Your Health and Wellness

  1. Rocking Off the Calories and Concerts and Festivals

We’re starting with this one first, because we recently just ran into an extremely interesting fact. It seems that over a festival weekend, a participant can burn as many calories as a marathoner. Wow! Who would have thought you’d burn that many calories at a festival? We imagine that the same applies to larger concerts on a smaller scale for calorie burning benefits. Anyone who has been absolutely exhausted after a day out listening to music probably can testify how tiring it can be to go see your favorite artists play live.

We imagine between the walking, dancing, beer runs and general rocking out, one can really build up a sweat. Of course how many calories you burn sitting down at an opera versus going to a festival featuring danceable music will vary tremendously.

  1. Reinforcing Positivity

Not ALL music falls under this category. There is actually tons of music out there that sends out a generally negative message. I know some of you out there are thinking, “Okay mom, thanks for the warning!” Hearing the truth sometimes may feel like a lecture, but that doesn’t make that particular wrong. Just sayin’!

Here is how it breaks down. When you listen to music with negative words it often spurs negative thoughts and emotions, and the more we feel this way, the easier it is to get trapped into this negative way of thinking. On the other hand, you can listen to positive music to get the opposite effect, so if you want to live more effectively, you know what you must do.

  1. It Reduces Stress

This may not surprise many, but listening music has actually been shown to reduce stress in various studies. There is a caveat; only music with a slow tempo and low pitch without lyrics or loud instrumentation calms people down. Even during stressful or painful events this soothing music decreases the stress hormone, cortisol, while also reducing anxiety-induced increases in pulse and blood pressure.

If you are a person who is regularly exposed to stressful situations, I think that includes just about everyone in our proverbial room, then listening to this type of music can make a major difference. Reducing the effects of stress helps to build a happier and longer life for music lovers everywhere.

  1. Helps to Motivate

Getting up every day to push on with our goals and dreams is no easy task, and we all can use all the help we can get. Music releases dopamine into the body to help improve mood, orientation, memory, and attention. All of these are big parts of being able to trudge forward through everyday tasks.

A great way to help motivate from the start of the day is to wake up with some of your favorite tunes to get you going. You can set an alarm with your phone, computer or clock to immediately tune into the motivation you need to do your best!

  1. Pump Up the Juice for Workouts

Ever tried working out without music. It just feels wrong. Music is incorporated into gym and many physical activities not just to help the time fly, but it actually helps to notably improve performance. If you want to increase endurance, boost motivation and go faster, all you need is to listen to some tunes.

Try making a playlist with all of your favorite workout music to take things to the next level. Having it on your phone or another mobile device means you have an instantaneous boost to your workout whenever you need it.

The Beat Goes On

There are just a few of the many health and wellness benefits of music. Every part of your body in some ways benefits by just listening to music. By taking small steps like just turning on the radio you are laying the foundation for a better you. Make each day dedicated to doing the small things to help improve the health of your body, mind and health, and that is where true change takes place.

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