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Taking Your Brain Out of the Game

“The world is full of people who will help you manufacture tornados in order to blow out a match.” ~Shaun Hick

The problem with being an intellectual is you think too much about things that require no brainwork at all. In the world of the information age, many of us are driven into the world of the mind. Our mind is where we live most of our lives.

Listen closely to this next part: some things do not require intelligence or analysis, all they require is action. Time you spend tackling a problem in your mind is often wasting time and energy, or creating a tornado, when all you need to do is simply move ahead.

This isn’t saying that you should be impulsive or thoughtless, but rather it is exploring the idea of when to let your brain get out of the way. The less you think sometimes the more you can achieve, and it takes some practice to master this line of thinking with a fair balance between action and thought.

What are the Benefits of Thinking Less

One may think in shock that anyone would think people need to think less. I mean look at the world! If people thought more before acting wouldn’t a lot of issues be resolved? Perhaps this is true, but there are three main benefits you can experience through thinking less.

  1. Decreased Worry, Depression and Anxiety

A big problem of thinking is sometimes we go over and over problems in our head. There is a positive outcome to this, because sometimes it allows us to resolve issues. Other times it can be unhealthy. Instead we go on a negative feedback loop rehashing things too often in a seemingly endless cycle. For some people, this cycle can actually loop them down to depression or anxiety. Ultimately this constant negative thinking is a huge waste of time and energy that drains the life out of us.

When you stop over-thinking, it helps clear your mind to approach the world in a more level headed manner. No one can function if they are constantly processing information over and over again. It is a stress to the body and mind to being doing so, and once one finds a way to put an end to these ceaseless thoughts they’ll feel as if a heavy weight has been lifted off their soul.

  1. Increased Action

Before making any move people often spend a lot of time thinking, discussing and planning. In intricate processes this is a necessary part of the process. Other times, since we are so used to living in the intellectual world, we are often just making simple tasks complicated. These added complexities mean we spend more time in the realm of thought than action.

A great example of this is exercise. Often people will spend countless hours trying to find the exact exercise regime for them. While this is a necessary part of the process, it should not overshadow the actual time and effort spent.

  1. Improved Mindfulness

Whenever you are running around in your mind you are dragging yourself away from the present moment. If you want to be right here and now, you need to get out of brain. If you find your mind going off on some tangent bring it back to your breath, your surroundings, and anything that grounds you back down.

Mindfulness allows us to dedicate more energy to be effective in the present. Rather than fretting, daydreaming or thinking about things we cannot control at the moment, we can experience the present moment. This unleashes a whole new realm of possibility when it comes to achieving goals we want to get done.

What to Take Away

If you are ready to make big changes in your life you may need to learn to let go of things mentally. Ironically, by thinking less you are being smarter, and it will pay off with the boundless rewards this change can bring. Go ahead, allow your brain to take a break every now and again. It has taken you many places in life, so you know it’s earned a vacation. It’ll be there waiting when you are ready to visit it again.

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