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The CrossFit Culture: 5 Terms You Should Know Before Starting CrossFit

“What is the deal with this Crossfit business anyways?”

The above thought is one that crosses through the mind of everyone who stumbles across advertisements for this popular form of exercise. CrossFit emerged from a small company in California in 2001 only to explode in popularity, so it seems as if everyone and their grandmother have at least heard of CrossFit.

Now with the televising of CrossFit competitions, many begin to think that CrossFit is just for the super athletic. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Anyone can truly do CrossFit since their workouts are customized to the limitations of the individual who is doing the workout.

CrossFit focuses on two things mainly: exercise form and social support. Beyond that there are only a few minor barriers for newcomers to cross before coming completely immersed into the CrossFit world.

A big problem for many when they first start CrossFit is the lingo behind this popular form of exercise. The use of so many terms can intimidate many from the start- especially those with limited exercise history.

To help eliminate some of the surprise of CrossFit language to newcomers, or maybe even confused beginners, we’ve created a short list of the basic vocabulary you’ll want to know.

5 CrossFit Terms for Beginners

  1. PR
    This abbreviation stands for “personal record”. People love how CrossFit workouts keep track of their progress by monitoring their achievements as they embark through their CrossFit journey with things like monitoring PR’s.
  2. Box
    Here is one of that you probably would never guess. Instead of calling the CrossFit facilities a gym, they call them the box. The basic idea is that rather than using machines to tone the body, CrossFit uses minimal equipment in their workouts.
  3. Max Effort
    This is the amount of exercises you can do without stopping. For example, if you go all out doing as many push-ups as you can, and the amount is your max effort. This type of number is what they’ll base your personalized workout on.
  4. 1RM
    Another term they use to determine the level of your personalized workout, and it means “One Rep Max”. Basically, this is the amount of weight you can lift for just one single repetition. By the way, lifting the absolutely heaviest thing that you can is often a challenging, yet fun, experience. You’ll feel even more gratified with your progress as your 1RM increases through your efforts with CrossFit.
  5. The “Score”
    Often it is difficult to see progress made through the gym, but CrossFit works to counter this problem. Every single workout is given a “score” for your level of success. Don’t worry, there isn’t some mean coach giving you and “F” for your workout. Rather you are asked to rank your workout with a number.

There is more to Learn

The thing that really is awesome about CrossFit is that although they utilize “simple” exercises, they teach technique. Even something as simple as a push-up is not so simple when you learn how to actually do push-ups correctly.

It is not an easy type of exercise, but you get to actually learn a lot. These are just the beginning of terms you’ll learn, and eventually love, through using CrossFit. Not to worry, they have a required introductory period that will familiarize you with it.

Although CrossFit may appear scary to those just starting it, it is actually quite fun to work out in a setting where your workout is personalized and you are surrounded by supportive team members. CrossFit will make you workout harder, but they never throw you to the wolves to figure everything out by yourself. With just a little time, you’ll be throwing around the Crazy CrossFit language as well!

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