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The Health Benefits of Tea

The small steps we take to improve our health can make all of the difference, and when these small changes become lifetime habits is when positive transformation of lifestyle choices truly begins. If you are working towards improving your health, integrating just one cup of tea into your daily routine can help boost a myriad of aspects of your health and wellbeing. It is amazing that a delicious, affordable and easy-to-make beverage can offer so many health benefits, but it is often the simple and natural things that build us up the most.

Here are just 5 of the numerous health benefits tea offers that will revolutionize the way your body functions.

The Benefits…

1. Hydration

We all are constant hearing about the importance of hydration. It helps all systems of the body function smoothly from out digestion to cell growth, so drinking hydrating fluids is important. Yet, a lot of people find drinking water to be somewhat boring. Tea, even caffeinated kinds, are a great way to get the fluids you need, so go ahead and indulge in delicious hot or iced tea to add a lot of delicious flavor to your water intake.

2. Fights Free Radicals

Free radical damage DNA and cells leaving the body vulnerable to all sorts of problems including cancer, heart disease and neurological degeneration. Our body already has the capacity to fight off these free radicals, but there are many ways that we can help in the process. Tea specifically helps due to the fact it has something called “ORAC” which means it has it has oxygen radical absorbance capacity.

3. Weight Management

Anyone who is looking to maintain a healthy weight can benefit from drinking green tea. A study in the journal of obesity found that green tea actually impacted the weight gain in mice. The speculation from these finding is that green tea may actually prevent the body from forming fat. In the study one set of mice were fed a high fat diet with green tea compounds, the other set was just fed the high fat diet. The group with the additional green tea compounds actually gained less weight than those who did not have green tea as part of their diet.

4. Helps With Memory And Learning

The brain is one of the most precious tools that we have, so it is important to nurture and train it like we would any part of the body. As we mentioned earlier, tea is known for helping to prevent neurological diseases like Alzheimer’s. Specifically green tea’s polyphenols help to maintain the part of the brain in charge of learning and memory.

5. Anti-inflammatory

Inflammation is connects to just about every ailment out there including cardiovascular disease, metabolic syndrome, depression and arthritis. The active compounds in teas actually help lower inflammation working as a preventative treatment for all of these health issues.

So What Are You Waiting For?

Add some tea into your diet as soon as possible to start reaping some of these fantastic benefits. The best way to drink it is hot without any sweetening agents. However, you get some of the same benefits through drinking it iced and slightly sweetened.


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