Cure for the Crisis

We’ve got a $1.6 trillion healthcare industry that is hyper-focused on reactive care, while the preventive, proactive care that nutritionists, personal trainers, and other health and fitness pros can provide goes largely ignored. The public remains in the dark about the difference a fitness professional could make in their health and fitness goals, with only 12% of health club members taking advantage of personal training services. If they do decide to look for professional help, there is no one-stop-shop resource to help them find the right trainer or nutritionist for their tastes and needs. Nutritionists and personal trainers tend to be scattered, one-man operations, except for the 66% who opt to give up a chunk of their earnings to a health club. They lack an organized, centralized resource to help them communicate the value of their services and connect with potential clients. treats each member uniquely. We look to help each individual reach the healthy lifestyle they always wanted. We accomplish this by connecting expert trainers and nutritionists with people who are hungry for success. Then, we harness the power of crowd-sourcing to help you fund your way to the finish line. Earn cash back rewards for choosing bicep curls instead of cheese curls. Make friends who will keep you going when you’re ready to throw in the towel, and nourish the mind and soul with our original content.